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Friday, May 28, 2010

Staying Happy When You Are Sick

Half my family are sick with colds this week and feeling pretty miserable! Isn't it true how much our physiology can affect our mindset? Unless we are in control of our own emotional state of course! Tips for maintaining a positive attitude when you are sick are:
  • Take the time to sit and just 'be'. Since you can't do much else anyway, you might as well enjoy the 'down time'. I actually think its pretty good to catch up on the all daytime TV and just be a couch potatoe for a few days.
  • Take the time to read. How wonderful to have an opportunity to catch up on some reading - even if it is only a page at a time between sleeps.
  • Look around you and consciously think about all the amazing things in your life that you are grateful for. Think about people in your life who have helped you in some way and all of the people who love you. Think about all the joys you have in your life and at work.
  • Take the time to have a mental break from work. It is sooo good to take all the work 'pressure' off and just let it all go. Your body is telling you it needs a break, so listen!
  • Do everything you can to nourish your body, mind and soul. You need to look after yourself as much as you can as you totally deserve to get 100% well again.
  • Think about how happy everyone at work must be feeling that you are considerate enough to NOT SHARE your germs with them by staying away. They should be very grateful (ha ha)!
  • Be consciously aware that 'this too shall pass' and you'll be back better than every before you know it.

So stay at home, snuggle down, eat heaps of chicken soup and feel happy that its just a cold or whatever, and nothing too serious at all.

Stay happy


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